Virtual love and sex when the relationship is lived in chat

Virtual love and sex when the relationship is lived in chat

Why choose a virtual love? What are the risks and what are the benefits? How long does it last and how long does it take to forget? What about sex? All the questions we have tried to answer with the help of some “ ” experts

We know well that a relationship, whatever its origin, on dry land or in virtual space, cannot ignore the mixture of factors such as contact, encounter and knowledge.

So what is it that differentiates the two contexts? This is the sequence in which these different phases can be carried out. In the digital world, in fact, not only to interact with someone, we don’t need to meet them, but we can also try to “get to know” without having any contact with them, simply by searching on social profiles.

And where do we put the yard? Today we know that it can have different nuances but it is said that the conquest is dictated only by physical laws: also in the digital universe of interaction, everything is intended for the encounter … after all, even the App or the dedicated websites have the ultimate goal is to meet new people, meet potential partner and have fun. The speed with which everything happens is what makes the difference.

Why a virtual love?

Today, using computers and smartphones to meet interesting people, discuss and possibly evaluate a meeting live, seems to be a modality that cuts across age or social status. A modality that we can all access in the way and when we want it the most.

The speed, the ease of contact and the wide choice of possible partner make the virtual meeting (which turns into real love or remains a simple sexting) the most appreciated.

The beauty of virtual relationships is actually that, at least in the initial phase, you can “suggest” to different users (or suitors), chat with several people at the same time, keep your foot in several shoes, and do it comfortably. on your terrace sipping a glass of good wine.

“The idea of ​​being able to expose ourselves in a guided and voluntary manner, by declaring more or less explicitly our intentions, our thoughts, our interests, our physical appearance, our family and professional situation, makes being online a ‘ new but perfectly manageable experience, a dream for those who normally feel uncomfortable facing new situations, those situations in which the feeling of being subjected to the evaluation of our performance and our attitudes towards socialization can constantly arise “explain the authors of Digital Love, Raimondo Aiello, Rossella Dolce and Fiorenzo Pilla.

Of course, thinking that we ourselves can be some kind of catalog to access is a little different. And it is certainly not pleasant. But the beauty of the web is also this: it’s democratic (most of the time) and everyone is bound by the same rules. That is why if we apply this new way of relating to others in our daily life, we get a very attractive context for whoever decides to jump in the fray.

Online loves: how long do they last

Of course, the game is beautiful if it doesn’t last long and so are online meetings: not that it can’t be “forever”, let’s be clear on each other but, at some point, a physical return is also expected from virtual love. You can find your perfect match in which our free dating site.

Writing, without shortcuts, regardless of the distance that arises, is useful for a more direct and spontaneous approach, and the temptation to express oneself freely and without filters is an unstoppable motor in the digital space. But it also means blurring the lines between what is public and what is private, with consequent implications for privacy. Providing private or personal information to complete strangers without creating broader emotional and emotional levels and without a future prospect is unwise: what may be “acceptable” to one becomes a blackmail tool for others .

Beyond the speed of the medium, while a response is almost immediately expected from a physical court, in the case of the digital version times can inexplicably stretch and it is up to the protagonists to put an end to the delays and torments: it is a modeled sociality. according to our wishes and expectations.