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Additionally, OLG may cancel Bonus Funds deposited into the Player Account at any point at its sole discretion. The maximum amount of inactive Account Fees that OLG is entitled to receive from a participant underneath this agreement is the minimum of i $234 or ii the amount of the funds that are not utilized associated with the inactive account. If a Player wants to use unutilized funds or bonus funds from their player account to pay for a part of a purchase, the player must pay for the whole quantity of the purchase using unutilized funds and bonus price range by the phrases of this agreement. After completing a Player-initiated transaction, an Inactive Player Account will be removed from the list.

To avoid any doubt, a game that is played for free is not a player-initiated Transaction. If a player who wishes to play games other than play-for-free games, sports betting games that might be played online, and draw-based lottery games played, Online has Bonus Funds and Unutilized Funds in their Player Account regardless of whether the awarding of Bonus Funds was before or following the crediting of notional funds to the account balance or the deposit of funds at OLG by the player or the awarding of a prize by the agen slot player The Unutilized Funds will be used initially to play the eligible Games until all Unutilized Funds are used after which the Bonus Funds will be utilized.

A Player-Initiated Transaction, as it is commonly known, is a reference to a player’s deposit of funds to fund the Player Account and ii a withdrawal from the Player Account or iii a bet or bet of the Draw Based Lottery Game or Pay-to-Play Game, and future Game Transactions that haven’t been suspended or expired due to insufficient funds or for any other reason. A player could be required or allowed to utilize a bonus budget to buy draw-based lottery Games Played Online, or Sports Betting Games Played Online. Bonus Funds for Draw-Based Lottery and Sports Betting Games Online will be used according to the applicable Bonus Fund Terms.

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