Myths About Gambling Keeps You From Rising

It is noted that Casino Petrou was originally called Casino Palais. 1905 for LE 60,000; one other clipping from 1939 saying the sale of the palace to the state for LE 60,000 Within strolling distance from the legendary Casino and Lodge San Stefano, Petrou’s no-frills seaside restaurant was situated in the then-fashionable suburb of Ramleh (the sands), proper at the bottom of a limestone cliff topped by Saray al Hazina (Palace of Sorrows–hence the title of the district “Palais” or al-Saray in Arabic). At first, Petrou’s Restaurant directly fronted the sea. One comical merchandise regarding the ancient palace was the mid-measurement trajectory cannon protruding from the palace turret pointing at an empty seat!

The Hilton Casino has solely been operating for two days. Their gambling concession costs them a million dollars yearly, payable to the hotel, plus the take of the Ministry of Hacienda and the police. Additionally, it is rumored that SANTO TRAFFICANTE and JOE RIVERS have a piece of the Hilton Casino; however, the same has not been verified. It means you probably have good luck; then you’ll be the winner of that recreation; however, when you’ve got an absence of fortune, then sorry, it is the game of stroke of luck. If any particular information is desired which is likely to be helpful in your investigation, please advice, and this office will endeavor to acquire similarly.

The above is more or less a common picture of the gambling state of affairs in Habana as best as this work can furnish at present. Though I mention the word restaurant, Petrou was originally licensed as a ‘casino,’ meaning that once upon a time, it was a dancing corridor not unlike the opposite Greek-owned Alexandria casinos and cabarets: Athineos (C. But not like many of the above restaurant’s Casino Petrou was, for some time, additionally a pension “with several bungalows upstairs at the rear of the restaurant,” recalls Eva Manolagas. The Age printed an editorial on Friday calling for “a rigorous and independent inquiry into the social impact of the casino.”

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