If I was younger he would look at me differently

If I was younger he would look at me differently

if i was younger he would look at me differently … is the age difference a hindrance to attraction and love? Ambra and Daniele are the protagonists of a perfect story. Or impossible. Here is a passage from “I want to love you” by Simona Busto is a book in the Reading with Joy series for those who love captivating books, full of emotion, feeling and eroticism


If I was younger he would see me differently. If I was younger, I could let our relationship grow smoothly at www.topmuslimsingles.com. If I was younger, I would conquer her.

All of this, if they don’t lead anywhere, doesn’t negate the reality of a bond that was meant to be severed. It doesn’t matter if my cell phone starts ringing again after a long silence. I told Daniele the right thing, and now I can’t take anything back, nor do I want to hear unnecessary justifications.

I do not feel good. I can’t even cry. And there’s no reason for my mood, even if I’m trying to find it. But I know it will pass. Sooner or later even this perpetual feeling of dread will disappear, and I will be able to look ahead again.

It’s like an addiction. Daniele is my drug and I have to find the strength to resist her in order to hope to detoxify myself.

The only thing that really manages to give it to me is contained in one of the sentences I ended our absurd relationship with. I want a child, more than anything else in the world. And if I don’t have a partner, I will go through all the clinical methods necessary to be able to conceive and raise my baby.

This is why I can no longer afford doubts and illusions. From now on, I will build a strong and balanced relationship, or I will choose loneliness. I wasted over a year chasing Daniele’s dream.

I have to cut the phone off when I’m at work. Yet her name on display is still a powerful distraction.

I try not to notice him, but it’s like my mind is constantly drawn to the thought of him.

I didn’t think I could conceive of such strong feelings for Daniele. I ignored them for too long, I even refused to admit them to myself. Yet there they are, presenting the bill to me now that I have made my final choice.

Ettore gives me a questioning look, while the ringing of my telephone, placed on the table in the canteen, begins to cry for the third time.

I smile at him as I reject the call, but I can’t justify myself. I have no reason.

“Will it be like this for all dinner too?” He asks with a little petulance.

I shrug my shoulders. “Phones are meant to be silenced.”

I see he would like to investigate, but my flat expression is certainly holding him back. Then quickly change the subject.

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I accepted the invitation to dinner for tonight because I need a distraction and because it will be a completely harmless event, since we will have some mutual friends with us and I will use my car.

But I can’t avoid the comparisons. Ettore is determined, elegant, sure of himself to the point of being ostentatious and never lacking in arguments. Anyway, something about him reminds me too much of Thomas. Daniele, on the other hand, is spontaneous, brash, sometimes shy and loves to indulge in precious moments of silence.

Guess I’m no longer interested in men who always know what to say, even when there’s no reason to talk.

I’ll go to dinner anyway. And I’ll cut the phone.

I won’t allow the thought of Daniel to stop me. Neither now nor ever again.


If I was younger he would take me seriously. If I were younger, I wouldn’t be friends with your brother. If I was less young, I would conquer it.

“We’re done for today too,” Brizio sighs, arching his back without trying to hide his fatigue.

“Already. For a long time!”. I laugh and throw some of the contents of the water bottle over my head.

This time we have faced the round inside out, and it’s my turn to enter the house.

“Have you ever thought about vacation?” Good question. Summer has started and everyone has a destination. But I don’t have a great desire to travel, besides the money is low.

“I think I’m going to enjoy my grandmother’s house in Puglia. After all, this sea still has its charm ”.

He’s laughing. “Of course. A lucky man who doesn’t need a hotel room in Croatia!

I nod, but my thoughts are already far away. Just a few months ago, I asked Ambra what plans she had for the summer, then we talked about my mother’s origins and this still empty house. Now, the urge to show it to him is almost painful.