Sharing the same values

Sharing the same values

In a long-term story, the possibility of following common interests and building a shared horizon represents an additional element capable of creating a deep dialogue or, on the contrary, when these conditions are lacking, to distance two people. When the aspect of the game is lacking, the attraction suffers a setback: to play is to laugh together, to know how to smile, to overcome the difficulties of the moment to discover a deeper dimension with the other.

How do you see yourself in the future? Sometimes it can happen that two people, while experiencing intense passion, have different goals, which is why stopping to reflect on one’s existential vision becomes a way to clarify.

The next step is mutual communication: telling each other what you want, what you want to achieve and what you are ready to do, what values ​​are considered important in a life project is an inevitable process because, gradually, when a story grows in importance, feeling compatible is also a matter of spirit, as well as of heart and passion.

Rigidity vs fluidity

Same lifestyle? This is not necessarily positive for the couple. Indeed, it can happen that diversity inspires new changes in mentality and life. What makes the difference is the elasticity, or vice versa, the rigidity that forces you to stay within roles.

Being free to find time for your passions, frequenting environments you love, and building your own identity, even independently, is good for love. The important thing is to be present and generous to each other, to each other. Beware, however, of outbursts of excessive jealousy, the constant tendency towards suspicion and power games in which one or both find themselves in a whirlwind of guilt, obsession or, worse, abuse. In cases like these, waiting for the situation to pass or the other to change, adds problems to the problems. There is no need to postpone: you have to face the situation, first with yourself.

What are you looking for in a love story in With the help of an expert, it is possible to face a path to recognize the deep dynamics of the relationship and make room for a different point of view.

I believe in you … and you in me?

Attraction and trust, a combination capable of cementing a union or, on the contrary, creating an exhausting daily war. Often times, it is communication that turns out to be wrong: we have little contact with emotions and we are not used to confronting our deep feelings by bringing them to the fore. This is typical of quarrels: we focus on “you did …” rather according to the principles of non-violent communication, revolutionizing the way we approach others means first of all changing our vocabulary.

No longer on the other, but on oneself, here is the new point of view: “When you behave … I feel …”. The argument is destructive if it becomes an accusation, on the contrary it can grow a relationship when you know how to use the diversity of points of view to widen the dialogue.

Do you believe in its potential? Feeling that the other has confidence in us, supporting his initiatives and being supported, chat now with gay men around you, expressing himself sincerely but without hurting, creates a powerful basis for a deep affinity, to be built over time. This is what allows two people to face life and grow together, aware that love is built day after day, with sincerity and respect.