Pure and Raw CBD – Know About the Extraction Methods, Benefits and More

Pure and Raw CBD - Know About the Extraction Methods, Benefits and More

From last few years, people are becoming more conscious about essential health related factors like how to spend time, what to consume and how to maintain mental as well as physical health. Everyone is analyzing consequences of options they choose and practicing steps towards sustainability.

Even, the food industries are making changes and choosing natural treatments in place of traditional drugs. All these reasons have increased the popularity of CBD on the market in recent years.

Cannabidiol or CBD is the natural active component extracted from cannabis plant, hemp. It exists in different forms from oils to tinctures, from flavorful gummies to balms and many more.

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The following is some information that helps you to understand about different forms and types of CBD.

CBD extraction types

CBD oil is made by using different kind of techniques. Few ways will turn CBD tastier, while others give a bitter taste to it. Generally, CBD oil is of 4 types. They include pure CBD, raw CBD, decarboxylation CBD and activated CBD. Let us know about them in detail:

Pure CBD – It is made with the topmost part of hemp plant by using heating process. In this process, other substances will be evaporated and only pure CBD remains. It will be more expensive compared to others because more plants are required for making pure oil. Also, it will be bitter in taste and contains nutty flavor.

Raw CBD – This oil is made with CO2 extraction method. In this method, all necessary compounds along with CBD will be extracted from the plant. It provides full spectrum of hemp co-factors. This oil contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBD and CBN. Also, it contains little traces of THC (less than 0.3%). The taste of raw CBD is little bitter than traditional oil.

Decarboxylation CBD – It is one of the methods of cannabinoid activation. This reaction transforms acidic substances to non-acidic. During this process, desired compounds will be extracted from hemp plant by allowing heating as well as drying. Decarb CBD ingredients can be absorbed by endocannabinoid system of body easily. So, it is ideal for migraines and stress.

Activated oil – In this method, raw CBD oil will be heated slowly until acidic substances left from it. This process works by serotonin receptors so that it will have healing properties. It is useful for nausea, acute pain and other problems.

You can experience the effects of CBD faster by vaping activated CBD juice through a vaping pen. According to research, activated CBD will not cause adverse effects, so it is safe to make use.

How to find ideal dose?

According to 2017 research, every person reacts to a different dose of CBD, but average dose per day ranges from 20-1500 mg. If you want to determine the right dosage, then you have to consider factors like:

  • Weight
  • Body chemistry
  • CBD concentration
  • Condition you want to treat

There are different ways to consume CBD, before using any CBD product take advice from your physician.

There are a lot of online CBD stores that offer CBD oil in different concentrations, choose the best one and order CBD oil today to enjoy the real benefits of CBD.