Is there another man in your wife’s life

Is there another man in your wife's life

Each woman is unique and constantly evolving, a characteristic that leads, during her lifetime, to fall in love several times and to have more men. But it is also true that each of us keeps this special love in our heart, whether it is the first, the lost or the unrequited, which we will never forget and which we will take with us as a precious thing.

The first love

“First love is never forgotten,” the saying goes. Whether it is platonic love or the first kiss, the first love is the beautiful, the fresh, the one that is remembered with the smile imprinted in the mouth, because it is immature and free from all badness. But sometimes it’s more memory than reality. Let’s review our first love now, we would probably wonder how we could have spent so many sleepless nights thinking about him. So let’s enjoy the sweet memory without asking too many questions in

Impossible love

It happened to you, right? The man you wanted so badly was perhaps related to someone else, disinterested in your gender, geographically distant, unable to return your affection to you: the obstacles in an impossible love can vary.

Whatever the reason, you fell in love with someone off limits, and all of these obstacles caused pain or anger. Impossible love is a source of discomfort and sadness caused by the inability to find ways to satisfy the desire. And for this, without a doubt, it is love that above all has given pages of tormented poems and poignant songs.

When we feel this type of love, we usually tend to idealize the person by giving him the characteristics that we have always dreamed of: probably, we have fallen in love with someone who does not exist. You will continue to have the curiosity to imagine what it would be like to start a love affair with him, the man considered unapproachable, until you realize that he is tragically different from real love.

Lost love

“The love that tears your hair is over now” sang Fabrizio De Andrè. Love lost is bitter and most of us experience it at least once in our lifetime. Lost love means that you and someone else once shared the love, separated for some reason, but both or only one still has strong feelings. This type of love can leave you incomplete, like Schubert’s 8th Symphony.

The causes may be different, but whatever the reason the love ended, it’s important to stop for a moment and think about it in order to put the situation into perspective. Life goes on.

Secret love

Maybe it was a coworker, maybe one of you was already engaged, maybe you were just afraid that you would not be understood and not received support in this relationship. There can be many reasons why a love has been kept a secret: There are many other types of pressures, family, work or social, that may have forced a relationship to be kept a secret. Secret love is even stronger in memory because it is somehow forbidden; and maybe that very element of prohibition added a special nuance to your feelings. A famous example of secret love is the kind of love Severus Snape had for Lily Evans in Harry Potter. In fact, Snape never expressed his love for Lily. After his death, his love for Harry’s mother was the only reason he protected Harry, with incredibly admirable devotion.

When you have a secret relationship, you prevent true intimacy from developing, and so there is ultimately regret for a relationship in that ended before you actually started. But you can always learn: next time, cheer up! You can join

One way Love

Unrequited love, you know, makes you suffer in alternate roles: for every man you remember as a fascinating but elusive Prince Charming, there may be as many who remind you of it as a sadistic witch but adorable. You initially watched him closely, followed his social media updates, thought about what to dress and what to say before meeting him, to impress him. And if all were in vain, because he (at best) was smiling at you while saying a few words of the occasion, someone will surely have consoled you with a: “Obviously, he’s not the man you need”.

And what is it then? You wondered. If not him, with his brown curls and that enigmatic chatter, who?