Couple: how do you know if you are compatible?

Couple: how do you know if you are compatible?

Affinity of a couple, here are the things to know to read the thermometer of love and understand if there is compatibility. Erotic attraction, desire, frustration and bad humor: stories can become a complicated chemistry capable of alternating calm and sudden emotional storms.

What is the secret of a good relationship as a couple? Authentic, empathetic and deep communication is the first step in establishing a new balance, however … there are messages that are good to consider before jumping headlong into a story.

Signs of falling in love

At the beginning of a relationship in, emphasizing the positive aspects and feeling good no matter what you do is a frequent mechanism, as the desire to be with the other, to know them and to enter into a relationship. deeper intimacy participates in the dynamics of desire and conditions our behavior, often allowing a lighter part of us to emerge, open to dialogue and encounter.

However, differences and new considerations gradually emerge, bringing with them important questions that invite us to reflect, in the long term, on the quality of the story and the goals of the relationship. Often it is the body that speaks for us, here are some signs that can be valuable reading.


According to a study conducted by a research group at the University of Albany, New York, the first kiss is a form of communication capable of transmitting information about the partner to the brain, especially for the woman, who considers kissing him a real test. for history. The kiss is an exchange of stress at the chemical level with psychological repercussions: there are unforgettable kisses, where an immediate feeling is perceived, deep and beyond words. On the contrary, with some people… it just doesn’t work!


It is considered to be the oldest sense from an evolutionary point of view, which is why the sense of smell is connected to the ancient brain and according to studies, the perception of odors, in which the amygdala is involved, has a privileged access route to the sexual and emotional sphere. According to experts, the smell, which plays an important role in feeling towards the other, communicates the characteristics of the immune system to the partner, for this reason it is immediately registered by the body with immediate sensations, in some cases very intense , attraction or repulsion. You can register in

Look and gestures

When the attraction is triggered in the brain, dopamine production is stimulated: it’s love at first sight. The pupils dilate and the state of excitement is also transmitted by epidermal signals. The epidermis, the border between the body and the outside world, speaks of what we perceive in depth and it is not by chance that “skin sensations” constitute an important message on the other.


Produced during childbirth and breastfeeding, oxytocin is released from the body producing feelings of deep well-being, relaxation and pleasure. After the initial stages, variables capable of fostering connection between partners also from an emotional point of view take over in a relationship: whether or not you want deep contact, on a physical and psychological level, indicates where we are. in the relationship. Intimacy and trust transform physical sexual contact into a deep pleasure-based exchange which, on a biochemical level, translates into a new phase of love.

Sexual understanding

Sex is an important thermometer in the couple, because it concerns the most instinctive part of us. However, not always… it happens immediately! The observation of this point can turn out to be counterproductive, because it is first of all the relation to one’s body that plays a crucial role.

Shame, the feeling of guilt, the non-acceptance of oneself, the education received and the beliefs that occupy the mind can become a block that prevents total surrender to the flow of emotions, an essential condition for living the passion in freedom by going to the discovery of oneself and the Other.

Do you have the same tastes at the table? According to some surveys, it could play an important role in the couple’s affinity. The feeling of fulfillment that comes from being able to share food and moments of conviviality becomes, in fact, a mirror capable of revealing the capacity to be together.

Sharing the same values

In a long-term story, the possibility of following common interests and building a shared horizon represents an additional element capable of creating a deep dialogue or, on the contrary, when these conditions are lacking, to distance two people.